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Job Searching? Why Not Use a Recruitment Agency

Use A Recruitment Agency

Job Searching? Why Not Use a Recruitment Agency

Is your case of the winter blues more to do with your work life rather than the weather? Do you feel in need of a new challenge, or find yourself underwhelmed by the work you’ve done over the last 12 months? There’s no time like the start of a new year to begin searching for your new role. So, finding your niche through a recruitment agency is the most effective way to catapult yourself into your dream job.


Use a reputable recruitment agency, potentially one that is recommended within the industry, to support you in your job search.  Discover the additional benefits they can offer you, and why so many people turn to them when looking to make a career move:


You Are In Control Of Your CV

One of the biggest benefits of using a recruitment agency to aid you in your job search is that you can control who sees your CV. This saves you tediously trawling through wads of emails and calls from recruiters for jobs that you aren’t interested in. It also ensures that your current employer won’t come across your advertised CV.


There Is Less Work For You

One of the things people dread the most about job searching is the time that it takes. By using a recruitment agency, you can relax with supreme peace of mind that your recruitment consultant is hard at work searching for the best roles on the market, or promoting you to the best clients. Your agent can call you up at a convenient time to present roles that they deem right for you or, if you’d prefer, send you roles via email for you to browse over at your leisure.


They Will Find The Perfect Fit

A recruitment consultant sees so much more than just your qualifications and experience. Your agent will get a feel for your personality and temperament when they meet with you, and thus be able to place you in a role that suits you as a person as well as matching your credentials. There’s nothing worse than starting a new job only to discover that the culture or environment isn’t right for you.


They Offer Expert Guidance

By having an experienced recruitment consultant by your side during your job search, you’re sure to have access to the best available positions on the market. Recruitment consultants have a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts at their fingertips, and can use this to suggest the best employers and roles available. They can also let you know about jobs that may not be advertised yet, giving you a head-start on your hospitality career ladder.


Urban People Recruitment are the premier hospitality recruitment company. We offer temporary, permanent and executive services within the hospitality and events industry. If you are in the market for a new job get in touch with us or browse the jobs we current have advertised.