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Restaurant Style in 2016

Restaurant Style

Restaurant Style in 2016

Appearance is key in the restaurant trade. Everything is important, from the décor to the menus, lighting, the way staff are dressed – even the toilet! Stylish design for the hospitality sector changes as much and as often as it does in residential interior design and high fashion. With a new year comes a new fashionable look, new tastes and new ideas about how to present your restaurant, so if you’re thinking about changing the appearance of your place we’ve assembled this small guide to help you stay on style in 2016.

Natural Wood

This is going to be a really popular material throughout 2016 and there are numerous ways you can use it in your restaurant. Flooring is one great option, it is extremely resistant, tends not to be slippery and looks great, making it a cool, eco-friendly and savvy choice. Natural wood furniture is also a big trend which we expect to see more of over the next 12 months. Tables and chairs made from natural wood are extremely stylish and add textural, tactile interest.

Mixed Metals

Using a variety of materials is a very appealing design idea. The same can be said of using a variety of metals. This is set to be a huge trend in 2016. Using them as part of your table settings, bar decoration, lighting or even on walls, will help make your place stand out from the crowd and give it a metallic edge that will appeal to style aficionados.

Fabric Wall Art

Many restaurants decorate their walls with artwork and it is one of the easiest elements to change and keep on trend. This year will see a huge rise in the popularity of using patterned fabrics as art. Before you splash the cash on extremely expensive artwork, look for large patterned fabric at different retailers and then cut out the best parts of the pattern before placing this over a cheap canvas and stapling them together along the edges. Instant, unique, edgy style which can be changed at the drop of a hat and costs next to nothing to implement. If you aren’t artistically inclined, why not invite a local artist to do something similar to showcase their work?

Traditional Tableware

Looking to replace your tired tableware this year? This year traditional tableware is set to make a big comeback and there is no reason to not use these elegant pieces in your restaurant also. Following this trend would mean including things like classic champagne glasses, patterned dinner sets, footed bowls or cups, embellished cutlery and decorated serving items.

Pendant Lighting

This year, hanging pendant style lights are going to be extremely popular for the home. Consider carrying this over into your restaurant, hanging over tables, over the bar or illuminating the entrance. Good lighting is really important in a restaurant setting and gives huge scope for creative flair.

Staff Uniforms

Long gone are the days of cheap and tight suits for serving staff. Button down shirts are still best for formal eateries but for a more casual ambience, printed t-shirts with a simple brand based design work well. These can be co-ordinated with décor changes. Do you give your staff aprons? If so, simply branded full length aprons are much more appealing than skirt length ones positioned on the waist. Remember to discuss staff uniform changes with your staff – they will be most affected by any new ideas and their opinion should count.