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What Makes a Great Hospitality Recruitment Consultant

Hospitality Recruitment Consultant

What Makes a Great Hospitality Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment has evolved into a thriving industry over the past three decades. It has certainly ‘grown up’ and now become a career choice for talented and tenacious people. We wanted to look at what the attributes are that make a great hospitality recruitment consultant.

The recruitment industry is worth £35 billion to the UK economy. The industry is densely populated with recruitment businesses ranging from multinational to boutique agencies, SME companies and one-man bands. All essential to the overall service and competitive nature of recruitment.  The UK recruitment industry is backed by The British Institute of Recruiters who is the professional body overseeing the industry. So if you are considering career options, the time has never been better to consider recruitment, and to understand the benefits of hospitality recruitment.


A recruitment consultant’s role can be likened to that of an account manager, but they have two clients in each transaction; the candidate and the end employer. The consultant acts as an intermediary between candidates seeking employment and employers looking to fill a vacancy. They ensure that the candidate finds the best next move in their career, while the employer gets the best possible candidate for their business. Simple right?


There are defined skills and competencies which separate good hospitality recruitment consultants from great one’s. We should know, at Urban People Recruitment we have some of the best hospitality recruitment consultants in the business.


A positive attitude is non-negotiable for a recruitment consultant. As most of your deals will be based on goodwill, word of mouth and PR, it is important to be positive and helpful. So if you can naturally make a connection with people, then you are perfect for hospitality recruitment.



Lack of confidence may initially rule you out of a recruitment consultant role. As a hospitality recruitment consultant, a majority of your day is expected to be spent interacting with clients and candidates face to face, online and on the phone. You are constantly marketing your connections, knowledge, skills and company you work for. So being confident about what you endorse is key and extremely important. Remember clients will not have confidence in you if you do not let your confidence shine.


Relationship Building

A recruitment consultant especially in hospitality must be able to build relationships with existing and potential clients and candidates. However the hospitality sector is saturated with recruitment companies, therefore an industry professional needs to have great contacts to successfully manage recruitment. If you are not a real people person, then this job may not be for you.


Listening Skills

For any profession, it is important to have good listening skills. However, as a recruitment consultant your listening skills need to be expert. Therefore a consultant has to work closely with both parties – candidates and businesses to ensure you understand the role. It is often knowing the unspoken requirements that will make the placement a success. So listening to the expectations and ‘catering’ (if you pardon the pun!) to them accordingly is an art. This is an art that only potentially successful hospitality recruitment consultants can master.


Passionate about the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sector is a lucrative industry with continued growth and potential. If you are working as a recruiter for the hospitality sector, you need to be passionate about it as well. Knowing the industry, visiting clients, understanding trends and having in-depth knowledge. This urge to learn and truly understand will ensure you succeed as a recruiter.


Love for What you Do

If you don’t love your profession, you will never be able to give your 100% to it. A recruiter should love some element of what they do and put heart and soul into it. The job requires people who are willing to go the extra mile. Your love for finding people great jobs, helping clients secure the best staff, and satisfaction of achieving your goals will help you excel.


Self-Motivated and Driven To Succeed

Self-motivation and commitment is one of the primary qualities of any hospitality recruitment consultant, encouraging success. Individuals that want to make a difference, are motivated to achieve, that do not require constant pushing are the ones who will succeed. You know who you are!


Integrity and Honesty

Hospitality recruitment requires consultants to grow long term relationships. It is only possible to build credibility if you are honest. So never compromising on ethics will take you a long way.


Industry Knowledge

If you plan to become a hospitality recruitment consultant, gear up to learn the dos and do nots of the industry. Having in depth industry knowledge will help you in making great decisions for your clients and candidates.


Urban People Recruitment London are currently recruiting experienced hospitality recruitment consultants to join our exciting, growing hospitality recruitment consultancy. We are not your run of the mill recruitment business and value our recruitment consultants skills.


We want to work with recruiters who reflect our brand and appreciate that working in a ethical way is beneficial to all. Known for establishing solid relationships with candidates and clients. The Urban People team simply love what we do and we want people with the same vigour and passion.


Find out more about the opportunities of being a recruitment consultant in London with the Urban People team.